Fat Dissolving


HIFU fat dissolving

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Non-surgical invasive fat reduction treatment. High intensity ultrasound break down fat cells and reduce the size of problem areas where fat is reserved by our body. Its ideal for people who want to reduce tummy fat, abdominal, bingo wings, thighs and etc.

It is also boost collagen and tighter and firm the skin.

Procedure takes around 30-45 min and need to repeat after 2-3 weeks.


Lipolytic injection treatments

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Lipolitics are preparation based on natural enzymes that are injected with thin needles into problem area. Under their influence, fat cells are broken down and excreted from the body naturally. We using different medical products

(Aqualyx, Lipo Lab)  for fat dissolving. All depends of the area and clients preference. It is safe and no down time. Product include extremely purified PPC sodium deoxycholate which can boost metabolism and increase the patient’s energy level.

Price varied of areas. Book appointment for consultation or call and talk to our specialist.

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