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All our products certified by medical companies and provides by experienced skin care therapist with medical or aesthetic degree. All beauticians certified and continue training with CPD  courses.

Relaxing Facial

Luxury Facial

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Combination of hydro facial, soft peel  with collagen mask, allowing to penetrate the skin and stimulate natural collagen production. Include massage of shoulders, neck and face and led lamp with aloe mask. (90 min)


Hydro Facial

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Removes dead skin cells and clean your pores with spetial hydro machine , oxidant with collagen serum which rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Hyaluronic acid serum with mask which prevent ageing process. ( 60 min)


Acne Treatment Facial

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Helps to exfoliate and clean block pores using special products for acne and apply acne peel which healing damage cells inside. WE can recommend some others advance treatments for acne skin problem.( 60-80 min)

Facial Mask

Express Party Facial

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If you want more glamour skin before some special party it is treatment for you. Light exfoliation with peel which slightly brightening skin. (45 min)

Facial Treatment

Classic Facial

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Is most common and basic kind of facial, also known like European facial. Consists of simple exfoliation, massage, mask and cream or serum.( 45min)

Getting a Facial

Led Light Therapy Facial

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This type of facial involves different lights which treat different kind of skin problem. LED therapy focusses on problem how aging, acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone. To have the best result need 5-10 session , depends of skin condition. (30 min)

Facial Treatment

Carbon laser peeling

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Is a fast and painless procedure helping improve your skin and deeply exfoliate. It’s used primarily with oily skin, acne and enlarge pores, photoaging and wrinkles. No recovery time or any side effect and you will see some result straight away. ( 60 min)

Spa Facial Treatment

Anti-aging treatments

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Facial include various machine treatments with anti- aging peeling and special collagen mask . Treatment minimise wrinkles and smooth face and neck skin ( 60 min).


Deep facial cleanse

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It is a multi-step skin treatment which include deep clean of pores , exfoliate and come with variety of mask and massage , depends of your skin needs. (90 min)

A woman getting facial masked

Deep facial cleanse+peeling

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It’s very popular facial which include deep exfoliating and peel which your face will go through stepwise cleansing process. Helps to improve texture of your skin removing the damage outer layers. We offer different peel depends of your skin condition. ( 90-120 min)

Facial Treatment

Microdermabrasion Diamond Facial

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Effects and benefits of treatment :

  • stimulates cellular renewal and circulation

  • removes dark, keratinised cells and debris

  • smoothes out uneven texture

  • removes the surface layer of the epidermis so that pigmented areas will appear lighter

  • deep exfoliation:
    * removes debris from the surface of the skin
    * unblocks pores

  • increases circulation and lymphatic flow, smoothing the skin.

A woman getting facial massage

Microcurrent Treatment

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Effects and benefits of treatment :

  • improves skin texture and colour

  • tightens the skin

  • reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes

  • increases fibroblast activity, which stimulates collagen production

  • speeds up cellular metabolism

  • tones and lifts sagging muscles, shortening them back to their original scar tissue

Professional Facial

RF lifting treatment

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Radio frequency lifting, or RF, is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency. The principle of RF-lifting is the contact effect of high-frequency electric current to warm up the dermis and subcutaneous fat. The procedures that are performed on devices using radio frequency energy are called radio lifting, thermal lifting, thermage, radio frequency lifting or RF lifting.

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