Eyelash Plucking


Eyelash extensions are convenient because you can forget about eye makeup for a while – they will look spectacular anyway, even mascara is not needed! But, before you decide on the procedure, read of all possible techniques and choose the one is right for you.

Eyelash Extention

Corners Extension

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This type of extension looks very natural and very economical. In addition, eyelashes extended in the corners can visually lengthen the eye, making it almond-shaped.


The master simply glues artificial lashes identical to natural ones, closer to the outer corner and up to the middle of the eye. Check price on booking system.

Professional applying false lashes

Express Eyelash Extensions

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Quiet speedy techniques when we feel in 60-70 % of your natural lashes and its take less time to apply. It’s good for someone who has less time and want achieve quite natural look. Length can be different. 

Applying false lashes in a salon

Classic Individual Lash Extensions

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The most natural kind of procedure. It is used if you want to achieve a mascara effect.

Permanent Eyelash Makeup

Hybrid Lash Extensions

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Is combination the classic one with volume lashes. The addition of multiple lashes at the corners and single lashes in the middle of the eyelid makes the look more expressive, but not defiant.

Eyelash Extension

Russian Volume Eyelash Extension

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The most popular technic. Its can go from natural look to Dramatic or Mega Volume. We create lashes in our hands with different combination of lashes, depends of style you prefer. 

Long Lashes

Wispy Volume Lashes Extension

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Volume Russian technic with  combination of thicker and longer lashes with shorter in between. The volume can be different. 

Woman with long curly eyelashes

Wet Look Eyelash Extension

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When lashes look a bit with a wet effect. Length and volume can be different.

Eyes and Brows

Dolly Look Eyelash Extension

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Volume Russian technic with combination of different length , give more open look .

Brown Eyes

Foxy Eyes or L Lashes

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Advance technics when lash master using L lashes and create foxy look. Take much more time then any other technics.


Lash Lift or Lamination Lashes

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Lamination or Lash lift is a safe and caring procedure , therefore, in principle, it is suitable for everyone. Especially for people who don’t like eyelash extension. Its curled your natural lashes and visually doing them longer and thicker.  Result can stay for 5-6 weeks.  

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