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Pricing “start from” and can be changed depending on

hair thickness/length/complexity.

The task of our stylists is to achieve the perfect quality of your hair and awaken its natural beauty. Professional treatments with ultra-premium products, cutting, styling and coloring that match your styles. Elli’s Hair& Beauty Salon stylists can fulfil your widest desire and will always suggest the best solution.

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Unisex Hair Cut Style

Starting From £15 to £40

We are providing different hair cut for ladies and gentleman. 

Pricing depends of style and service. 

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Bouncy blow dry

Starting From £35 to £55

Bouncy blow dry create shape and add volume to the hair desired by you. We pin the curls up for hair to cool and set the hair to your preference curls. Curls of the hair can be diagonal, horizontal or parquet.  Your hair can easily keep shape up to 3 days.

Hair Dying

Hair color | tint 

Starting From £35 to £55

We are using Matrix and Maxima colours , which is include oils and vitamins inside. The hairdresser will mix colour which is suite your desires and apply for around 45 min, continue with hair shampoo and condition specially for your hair structure. 

Hair Color

Highlights Hair Technique

Starting From £60 to £140

Hair highlighting is a procedure for lightening/dyeing not all hair  on the head, but only individual strands. Various light, natural and unusual bright shades can be used for this.

Benefits :

  • Revitalizing the current or natural shade of hair using highlights;

  • In case of unsuccessful staining in a dark tone, highlightening can make a smooth transition, which is able to give the hairstyle maximum freshness;

  • Due to application to some areas of the hair, wins over radical colouring: colouring compositions affect individual strands, and not the entire head of the hair;

  • You will need to visit stylist again no early then 2-3 months and even if you missed it , your hair will look neat;

  • Highlighting with light shades visually rejuvenates, makes the image light;

  • If the hair does not differ in volume, highlightening will visually add it.


We do different techniques of highlights:

- Classic Highlights- strands are coloured all over the head, can be different thicknesses, their main property is sufficient frequency.

- American Highlights- considering dyeing technique, during  which the strands are tinted in up four bright shades.

- Chunky Highlights- it’s a bold contrast to natural hair colour and applied to larger strands. 

Blond Wavy Hair


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Balayage colouring is not only stylish and fashionable, but also very convenient. This colouring style is very easy to maintain and does not require frequent correction. But its main advantage is that it looks as natural as possible and has a unique anti- aging effect. It visually give the hair more volume, goes well with different images and style. 

From virgin hair its turn strait away to perfect result but if you colour your hair dark ton before – its will in many situation take two stapes and you need for perfection to come again after a month for correction. 

Normally this technique takes around 4-5 hours for all procedure. 

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Starting from £120 to £190

Ombre is a smooth transition, usually from dark hair at the roots to a light colour at the ends. Most often, Ombre is done on dark hair, although absolutely any experiments with all kinds of shades are possible. With this technique, it should be noted, quite a contrasting colouring, the transition begins approximately from the middle of the hair length.

blonde hair

Bronde Hair Colouring Techniques

Starting from £120 to £180

is the most natural looking colouring techniques. The essence of this technique is a maximum of 3 shades close to each other are selected, the difference between which is literally 2-3 tones. Evenly distributed strands at a short distance from the roots are coloured with these colours. The effects of sun burnt hair is created, but this time there is no smooth colour transition. From the outside, this hairstyle looks more voluminous.

Blond Wavy Hair

Sombre Hair Colour

Starting from £120 to £180

The Sombre Technique is different from Ombre- it is also represents a smooth darkening or lightening colour, but only some strands are coloured. 

Thus, the effects of sun burnt hair is created, and the border of the transition from one colour to another is barely noticeable. The reason for the hardly noticeable border is also the low contrast of the colouring and the fact that the colour transition begins very close to the roots, compared to Ombre.

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Airtouch Techniques colour

Starting from £140 to £240

This type of colouring is done with a hair dryer, which literally blows thinner and shorter hair out of the strand. Thus, it is possible to avoid clear lines, such as when performing highlights technique. 

Among the main advantages of this colouring method is its mild effect on the structure of the hair.

The rather high cost is fully justified by the fact that such colouring does not require frequent correction and can be carried out once every 5-6  month, does not affect the hair structure so much and is the most relevant and most natural.

Dark Hair Beauty

Keratin Brazilian Straghtaning Hair Treatment

Starting from £90 to £160

Keratin straightening is a cosmetic procedure and not a treatment. If your hair is curly and freeze and you want to be them straight and more wieldy – then this procedure is for you. 

Normally procedure takes around 3 - 4 hours. The duration depends on the length and thickness of the hair.

We highly recommend using sulfate- free shampoos after the procedure. Such care will very gently cleanse the hair, without drying it out and without washing out the composition ahead of time. 

Hair salon hairwash

Nanoplasty hair treatment

Starting from £120 to £160

Nanoplasty is a revitalizing hair care procedure based on filling the hair structure with keratin. Gives smoothness and shine to hair. Nanoplasty is an analogue of keratin treatment , only with a safer, and often completely natural composition.  

The product does not contain formaldehyde. But it includes keratin, collagen, amino acids, silk proteins, wheat proteins, oils and other active ingredients that are useful for hair. Useful components are able to penetrate deep into the hair structure to nourish and heal them from the inside. Thus, hair Nanoplasty treatment can be used even during pregnancy and lactation.


Effect after treatment can stay around 6 month. 


After the treatment hair colour can go lighter for 2-3 tones because of amino acids which is penetrate deep into the hair structure. So, better to colour your hair after one week of procedure.


The procedure is take around 3 hours. 

Hair Salon

Botox Har Treatment

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Botox treatment – restoration at the molecular level, repair and strengthening of disulfide bonds, deep moisturizing and treatment of damaged hair areas. Anti- freeze effect. Smoothing light and medium curls. Replaceable hair protection against future damage.


Hair is no longer afraid of colouring, chemical influences and aggressive external environment. The innovation formula easily regenarates, nourishes and protects the hair, the composition is enrichrd with macadamia oils, borax, acai berries. High content of Vit D, panthenol ( nutrition and protective functions), Vit A and E. 

Procedure can take around 3 hours and will stay on your hair approximately 3-6 month depends of your aftercare.

brown hair flowing

Different Hair Treatments

From £30 to £60

We are providing different professional hair treatments, which helps repair damaged hair, bringing back life and shine . It is helps reduce breakage before, after and during chemical services. The hair structure becomes more resistant to external influences and is not damaged when dried with hot air, using a curling iron or applying colour. 

We are using special molecule ultrasonic infrared cold straightener or Micro-mist machine which is helping to increase the effect of procedure and stay on your hair more longer. 


Meso therapy Hair Regrow Booster

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It is used to treat hair loss, restore hair growth and structure, seborrheic dermatitis, and non- androgenic alopecia.

Due to the balanced content of active ingredients, the meso cocktail affects all important mechanisms of hair formation and growth, provides nutrition and health of hair follicles, promotes the activation of dormant follicles and the growth of new, dense, healthy hair.


  • Hair quality improvements

  • Hair therapy after chemical procedures

  • Therapy of seasonal hair loses

  • Therapy of the hair damaged by stress

  • Treatment of non-androgenic alopecia ( hair loss)

Procedure can be provides by 2 ways:

Monotherapy course (dermo pen)

  • 5-10 procedure at interval between 7days.

Injection treatment

  • Intradermal using a popular injection technique 5-10 sessions at interval of 7 days.

Quantity of sessions depends of individual needs.

Recommendation  after treatments:

Do not wash your hair 24 hours after treatments. Avoid overeat , sauna or pool . All our products certified by medical companies and provides by experienced skin care therapist with medical or aesthetic degree.

We are offer different bio revitalisation products which depends of individual skin problems and  our aesthetic therapist will recommend during consultation which products will benefit better your skin.

For the package discount please ask at the salon.

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