All our products certified by medical companies and provides by experienced skin care therapist with medical or aestatic degree.

If you're searching for the skin treatment, Elli's beauty salon offer a range of treatments that cater to your complexion. Filled with expertly trained staff to get to the bottom of any skin issue, booking in for a skin treatment is an important first step to getting your skin back on track.

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Anti-wrinkles injection

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Prevent to form of static wrinkles by stopping the signal between nerve and muscle and creating younger looking skin. The duration of the result last around 3-4 month . Price depends of areas and brand of product. Some brand is stronger and some give you more natural effect.  All can be discuss via consultation (30 min).

Face Filler Injection

Nasolabial-Deep wrinkles filler

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We use soft fillers which can adapt your soft tissues skin

Botox Treatment

Cheekbones filler

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We using deep fillers which stay longer and can incise definition of your face bonds

Lip Botox Injection

Lip filler

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We use high product of pure hyaluronic acid filler, can be different brand , depends of your preference via consultation . When you come for your treatment  we discuss shape and  preference of final result ( 45 min).

Botox Injections

Filler Dissolving procedure

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Hyaluronic and Dermal filler can be dissolved using enzyme  that is used to break down of dermal filler. It is involves no more then 1-4 injections and take from one day till a week to work. Price can be check via booking system (10min).


Dermo-pen mesotherapy

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The procedure is primarily recommended to people having the following cosmetic problems:

* Deep wrinkles,

  • Irregular face shape, loss of roundness, poor contour structure;

  • Enlarged pores;

  • Oily skin or increased skin dryness;

  • The defects of the skin due to prolonged exposure to sunlight;

  • Irregular skin pigmentation (aging);

  • Acne that left scars;

  • Scars formed as a result of surgery;

After the treatment you will have a skin inflammation due to the debris of damaged structures. Fibroblasts are constantly striving to get into the microzone and clean up all the effects of the procedure. They restore the active processes, produce collagen and elastin used to create the cellular matrix. All this represents a complex restoring skin balance necessary for skin cover cells functioning. (60 min)


PRP or Vampire facial treatment

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Plasma therapy is a rejuvenating injection technique of processed and platelet- rich plasma obtained from the patient’s blood. It is excellent for stimulating your natural collagen, increase skin tone, wrinkle smoothing,  elimination of dark circles and swelling under eyes, increase skin elasticity, post acne and hair restoration.


Biorevitalisation-Bio revitalisation Skin lift/anti pigmentation/hydration/anti-age

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Biorevitalisation is basic of aestatic medicine and effective technique for the prevention and correction of age- related changes. The aim of procedure is to target the main cause of epidermal aging – the loss of water balance and the ability to retain moisture. As a result, wrinkles and folds are smoothed, the aging process slows down, and the signs of sagging skin is disappears.

Peptides who responsible for amino acids to build a blocks of proteins such us collagen, elastin and keratin.

Amino acids who works with peptides and provide antioxidant,   help to strengthen the immune system, protect skin from free-radical damage and reduce signs of ageing. They strengthens the skin’s surface and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Multi Vitamins depends of product recommend help for skin tone and brightening effect, reduce pores and renew cells production.

* bio-lifting

*reduce wrinkles,

*shrink pores,

*reduce pigmentation

* stimulate the renewal of skin cells


The procedure average duration around of 25-35 minutes with 20 min for numbing effect for patient comfort. It is depends of patient’s skin type, severity of wrinkles to be corrected and volume injected. After the treatment therapist will apply special cream and mask to calm the skin and help healing process.

The technique for bio revitalisation is  similar to mesotherapy. Small papules introducing by very fine needles under the upper layer of the skin of face, neck, decolletage or back of hands.

Normally some little swelling, redness and tiny papules can appear on the skin which will disappear completely within 1-3 days. A full course of treatment will consist of 3 sessions at Interval of 3-4weeks between the session   

We are offer different bio revitalisation products which depends of individual skin problems and  our aestatic therapist will recommend during consultation which products will benefit better your skin.



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One of the unique injectable remodelling product  which contain the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (HA) with low and high molecules. This combination allows you to comprehensively influence age- related changes, resulting in a “ hydrolifting” effect. This unique gel  triggers natural collagen production and tightens the skin.

The main benefits of Profhilo treatments is:

  • Reduced number of injection points

  • Only 2 session at interval of 4 weeks

  • Instant result which will be more visible after of second treatment

  • No downtime and painless

  • Allergic reaction exceptionally rare

Profhilo recommend to anyone after of age 35 to 75. Normally last up to 10-12 month depends of individual life style. After the treatment avoid any cosmetic procedure for 24 hours.



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Is a facial treatment procedure aimed at cleansing the surface layers of the skin from dead particles, as well as removing unwanted cannon cover. This type of exposure refers to the mechanical type and allows you to quickly eliminate bumps and minor skin defects.


Bio lifting zone (4 points)

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Bio innovative tissue stimulator with WOW effect, visible already after first treatment session. Multidimensional revitalisation and deep tissue stimulator, rebuilding the extracellular matrix and reconstructing collagen and elastin.

  • Rapidly reduces and eliminates signs of skin aeging

  • Hydrate and revitalize

  • Neutralising sagging skin

  • Smoothest wrinkles

  • Improve skin tone and elasticity


Consists in performing 4 injections on each side of the face, minimising the risk of bruising or pain.

Botox Procedure

Bio face/neck lifting (5 points)

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Bio-remodelling and skin contouring. The main effect of GEO-LIFTING V is sliming of facial features and strong activation of fibroblast.

  • Reconstruction of facial geometry

  • Restoration of correct proportion

  • Hydration and strong revitalisation

  • Activation of skin fibroblast

Only 5 injections point, 64 mg of hyaluronic acid, only two treatments of interval 4 weeks, painless and minimal recovery.


Mesotherapy eyes

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Meso therapy eyes treatment :

Eye mesotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. This is because a huge number of both women and men suffer from bags, small wrinkles around eyes and  dark circles. Mesotherapy allows you to quickly eliminate all problems. The procedure is painless and does not cause severe discomfort, has a minimum number of contraindications and side effects. It is prescribed to patients from age of 25+.

The active ingredients included in  meso cocktail  promotes thickening and skin improvement. Stimulate fibroblast, provide healthy turgor and skin tone restored. Deliver a noticeable lifting effect.

At the same time rejuvenate the skin, restoring the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and also natural water balance. Efficiently reduce fine wrinkles and gives the skin a more healthy look .

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HIFU lifting treatment

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HIFU- non-invasive treatments to lift and tighten loosing skin on the face, neck using ultrasound technology. Also improving skin laxity and tone on the decolletage, jawline and post pregnancy stomach.

Non- surgical treatment continues to work for several months, further stimulating collagen production. Patients will see lasting lifting and tightening effects and reduction of facial lines and wrinkles after 4-5 weeks from the first treatment till 3 month rapidly. In some individual skin condition you need to repeat treatment after 3 month. It is all depends of your age and personal lifestyle. The best it is work with people older than 30 with mild to moderate skin laxity.

Conditions treated:

  • Double Chin

  • Loose and Sagging Skin

  • Skin Folds

  • Fine Lines& Wrinkles

  • Signs of Aging

  • Decrease in Skin Elasticity

  • V- Line Conturing

  • Post pregnancy Tummy


No downtime, non-invasive treatment, no special requirements.

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Double chin/neck fat dissolving procedure

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This procedure most for people who is not happy about their double chin or shape of jaw which reasons can be genetically, skin laxity or lack of exercise . It is design to reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

During this procedure the patients receive multiple tiny injections in problematic areas. The number of injections and quantity of products depends on the severity of the problem. Numbing cream or lidocaine will be apply before 15-20 min before the treatment.

Usually requires 2 – 4 sessions in interval of 3-4 weeks apart. You can notice reduction after of 2-3 weeks and more results will appear in 6-8 weeks, but its also depends of individual life style.

Swelling can happened in first 48 hours and some level of numbness but all this symptoms  will resolves themselves in a short time.

Skin Analysis

Skin Rejuvenation Peel

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Peppermint Chemical Peel (PMP)- is a new soft rejuvenation peeling product designed to aid cell regeneration, give immediate and different effects through Bio Revitalisation. It’s removes the aging cells and stimulates new cell growth. The menthol used in PMP cools the skin during the process which reducing the burning feeling and leaving fresh feeling. 

Benefits of PRP: 

  • Treats Wrinkles,Acne,Pigmentation

  • No Fibrosis

  • Minimal Contraindications

  • Unpainful

  • No Downtime

  • Safe

  • Affordable

  • 2-3 treatments required in one weeks interval for best result 

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Natinuel Professional Peels

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A) Hydro Peel-Intense exfoliating and regenerating treatment, Revitalizing of epidermal cells and moisturizing skin at the same time. Its formula contains high concentration of two well-balanced polyhydroxy acids, which makes it possible to take full advantage of their numerous properties. Suitable for various skin types, especially for dry, sensitive and delicate skin. Skin lacking vitality, skin with slower rate of turnover of the epidermal cells.


  • Reduces skin dryness and signs of ageing

  • Stimskulates cellular regeneration

  • Improves elasticity of the skin

  • Makes your skin smooth and illuminated

  • 4-6 treatments required in one week interval for best result

B) Exfoliation & Antioxidant -  equalizing exfoliation of the epidermis, especially for skin that requires antioxidant activity and activity stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen which repairs and rejuvenates skin. Suitable for every skin type, very delicate and sensitive skin. Does not cause discomfort in the form of burning pain or redness. Used for treatments of acne and irritated skin with irregular pigmentation.


  • Revitalizes epidermal cells

  • Smoothens, brightens up and firms up the skin

  • Normalizes skin irritations

  • Normalized process of oily skin with enlarged pores

  • Improves suntan quality and intensity

  • 4-6 treatments required in one week interval for best result​

Facial Treatment

Renew System Peels

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Balanced composition of ingredients RENEW SYSTEM PEELS opens up new possibilities for eliminating aesthetics imperfections of the skin like photo- and chrono- aging, acne, oily skin, dull complexion, etc. The main advantage of the new line is the presents innovative peelings with peptides. Peptides peels are booster system, the action of which is stimulate and regulate aesthetic skin imperfection. Main advantages: proven effectiveness, fast rehabilitation, unique composition.

  • ANTI- COUPEROSE PEEL – recommended for patients with sensitive skin and dermatological problem: rosacea, acne stage I-II 

​       Benefits: narrowing the pores , antibacterial effect, anti- inflammatory                effect, even tone of the face, smoothing of superficial wrinkles.

  • OIL- CONTROL PEEL– recommended both for young skin with increasing oily content, for mature skin with signs of photo- and chrono- aging. Oily skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, acne, seborrheic dermatitis.

       Benefits: Renewal of dermal cells, narrowing of pores, seboregulation.

  • AGE- STOP – stimulating fibroblast to synthesize collagen, hyaluronic acid, slowing down the aging process, antioxidant effect. The Peptide complex provides the maximum regeneration effects thereby restoring the elasticity and tone of the skin.

  • JESS-PEEL – has a pronounced anti- aging effect: smoothing the relief, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Its also used for post- acne therapy, pore narrowing, sebum regulation, skin hydration.

  • WHITENING PEPTIDE PEEL- eliminating the manifestation of photoaging and age- related hyperpigmentation, antioxidant, normalizes fibrint activity, reduces inflammation, reddish coloration of blood vessels, improve appearance of the skin, block the formation of melanin directly.

  • M- PEEL- almond peeling. Alternative to glycolic peeling, It is used to treat oily skin, rosacea, mild acne. Has anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. Used for sensitive skin.

  • ACNE-STOP- the strongest salicylic peeling. It is recommend for the treatment of acne, has antibacterial, anti- inflammatory and strong keratolytic effects, and is indicated for the treatment of rosacea. Evens out the relief, brightens the skin, improves the condition of vessels and vascular relief.

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